About BLA



The Society for Academic Excellence aims to excel dynamically in value-based education, utilizing the latest resources and methodologies and in turn provide the society an honest, able and dedicated leadership.


Beacon Light Academy aims to provide, in partnership with the parents, a quality education in an environment where every individual is cared for spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, so that they can make their best contribution to the society.

Beacon Light Academy is an O-Level School, recognized and registered as a participating institution for the International GCSE – Examination in accordance with Edexcel International Regulation (UK Qualification).

The Academy is equipped with modern resources such as laboratories, audio-visual rooms, auditorium and libraries for different levels.  Above all, the Academy is proud of its dedicated and experienced teachers who guide and nurture the students to face the challenges of the modern age academically and ethically.

We thank Almighty Allah for bestowing us with the guidance and prestige to groom our bright students so professionally and skillfully that they are showered with the World Topper, High Achiever and A-Grader Awards, year after year. No doubt it is the harvest of deep devotion of our adept teachers whose ability, honesty and dedication achieve the Academy’s aims together with the accomplishment of students’ and parents’ objectives.

The students of the Academy are prepared with the aim that they have to appear for the IGCSE exams in accordance with Edexcel International Regulation (UK Qualification). Hence, the students of the academy in their final years appear only for IGCSE Exams, not for any other type of exams through any other board.

We take great pride to announce that the interminable growth of Beacon Light Academy has eventuated in its extension to Gulshan-e-Maymar in order to educate students far off there & its infant institution in Surjani Town named as Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School to facilitate financially less privileged children.

In Gulshan-e-Iqbal, the Academy houses its:

  • Administrative Office in a spacious building at E-24, Bl-7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Khi.
  • Primary & Lower Secondary Classes in five nearby Buildings, i.e.
    • Campus for Classes Nursery & KG
    • Campus for Classes I & II
    • Campus for Classes III, IV & V
    • Campus for Classes VI, VII & VIII boys
    • Campus for Classes VII & VIII girls

(Since most of the Gulshan campuses are rented, they might shift subject to circumstantial obligations.)

Whereas Higher Secondary Classes (IX to XI) due to their growing needs, have been shifted to Gulshan-e- Maymar Campus which is a separate entity that caters admission for all classes, i.e. from Nursery to O-Level and is supplied with advanced technology & modern facilities which include:

  • Purpose-built building
  • Vast playground
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Sophisticated computer & science labs
  • Wide-ranging library
  • Auditorium with a capacity of 450 people
  • Aesthetically decorated large corridors
  • Solar system ( a unique feature & a creativity in the town)

Needless to say that these spacious premises provide a very healthy and congenial atmosphere to tiny tots and young minds, helping the teachers to manage and coordinate the Academic and related activities in a very scientific and modern manner. In each class, the number of students does not exceed 30, which touches the International Quality Standard.

We have full faith that buildings, howsoever magnificent they may be, are not the true source of joy by themselves; what makes them an edifice of joy is the quality of education imparted and the sincerity of purpose visible here. We invite you to visit us to feel this pleasure.