Message from Mrs. Azra Anwar Ahmed - Principal


“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
Everyone has heard the great saying for mothers, but where is that hand?
We can’t see it anymore, either it is working in a factory or filing in an office. Now who shall rock the cradle?

Children need their mother to pat them in appreciation, comfort them when they are in distress, console them when they lose, tap them when they are going astray, pull them back when they are on the edge, wipe their tears, oil their hair, fry them eggs, butter their toast, roll their paratha, tickle when sad & beat them when they are bad.  Let us be motherly mothers, spend time not only with them but for them too.

Dear parents,

To complete the triangle your co operation with us in helping your child in the upward journey is direly needed. Let’s remind and revise the following certain rules is vital for our children.

What you can do and why

  1. Ensure regular attendance of your ward for revision of past papers and Absence may cause disqualifying for further mock papers and examination in genuine sickness please write an application, send it with original prescription of physician you had taken your ward to.
  2. Cell phone had been a nagging source of nuisance and hampering disciplinary system, do not let them bring or if they do, school shall confiscate.
  3. General cleanliness, appropriate uniform including in case of boys vest and in case of girls slips, with polished black shoes, black belt, proper hair cut, in case of girls tied hair or braids, trimmed nails, coming before or 7:50 a.m;show parents’ concern for their wards.
  4. Discourage fizzy drinks and preserved packet food; send home made paratha and sandwiches with a pinch of love added to it naturally.
  5. Your ward to us is a window to your home. We hope to see respect shown towards others and elders.                                                      You also wish the same. Let’s make this generation that the world should be proud of.

With high regards and even higher expectation.

Azra Anwar Ahmed (Mrs.)