Message from Mr. Sanaullah Kazi - Founder


Since its inception three decades ago, Beacon Light Academy has achieved remarkable growth and expansion over widespread area, i.e. till Gulshan-e-Maymar and thus has become a leading O-Level education facility in Karachi. As you go through our website, you will get a glimpse into our world.
Our core purpose as a school is to impart the highest quality of education to young people and empower them to successfully take their place in the world outside, of course,not forgetting our responsibility towards financially less privileged children in form of Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School (KKAMHS) in Surjani Town.

Beacon Light Academy and Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School are the places where education, games and art come together in a glorious kaleidoscope that will shape the future of your child. We aim to develop students who will be well educated, skilled in communication, dynamic, innovative, self assured, self-reliant and eager to learn. We nurture our students to make them respect their religion and culture, and have a sound code of ethics and willingness to contribute to the community and the country.

Our teachers are immensely committed to their work as educators and strive to work with all of our students, regardless of their ability levels, to help them realise their full potential.

At Beacon Light Academy, we are proud of our school community and do our best to constantly examine and refine what we do. However, we are also mindful that achieving individual and collective excellence requires a cooperative effort on the part of students, teachers as well as parents. Therefore, we earnestly solicit your cooperation and support as we engage in this rewarding work.

I welcome you to explore our website and discover what makes Beacon Light Academy such a special place for students to learn and grow.


Sanaullah Kazi
Founder & Administrator